What Makes Time Travelling Awesome

time travelling

If there’s one concept that you should always look forward to, especially in movies and TV shows, it would be time travelling.

For starters, time travelling is the act of going into time via a medium. This medium could be the time traveller himself, as well as valuable or a device. It’s also the act where a person gets to see for himself what went down back in time. It’s even the act where a person gets to experience for himself what will go down forth in time.

Now, you might ask: What makes time travelling awesome?

Why should you always look forward to it?

Its Lessons

Time travelling in movies and TV shows teaches us lessons like no other. Such are the lessons we can get from American movie The Time Traveller’s Wife, which teaches us the importance of family and love amongst others; and from Japanese animated movie Kimi No Na Wa, which teaches us the importance of hope and destiny amongst others. There’s also American TV show The Flash, which teaches us the significance of contentment and justice; and Korean historical drama The Great Doctor, which teaches us the significance of faith and courage.

Its Possibility

Before you can go all Yeobo Korean with the idea of going into the future, let’s not forget the fact that time travelling is still currently looked at. But no, without the possibility of things changing sooner than later. And yes, with the possibility of things happening sooner than later. And with the continuous rise of virtual reality, as well as augmented reality, it would never really be surprising anymore – especially for those who lived regretfully over things they should have done, as well as things they shouldn’t have done.

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