Doctor Who

Top Reasons to Love ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who

This popular British science fiction series enjoys a wide following that spans generations. First introduced in 1963, Doctor Who continues to delight its fans from around the world with its interesting plot and many time-traveling adventures. With so much to love about this series, we take a look at some of the best reasons why it is easy to get hooked in this classic television programme.

The Doctor

The Doctor is the central figure that makes this series lovable. Doctor Who follows the story of a Time Lord who time travels through a space ship called the TARDIS. His adventures combined with his wit and dry humor and ability to get out of the craziest scrapes are among the top things why it was a phenomenal success and why it has drawn such a huge following across generations.


The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension in Space) is easily one of the most iconic things in Doctor Who. It may look like an ordinary British police box on the outside, but the inside is way mindboggling. This space machine’s interiors exist in a different dimension and filled with awesomeness.

The interesting characters

From the companions to the villains and adversaries, Doctor Who has time and again introduced rich characters you will either love or hate. The Doctor’s companions are as varied and unique as their personalities. From hot-tempered to compassionate and everything in between, Doctor Who characters add to the richness of the stories.

The sense of adventure

There is no dull moment once you begin following The Doctor’s adventures. Something always seem to happen whether at a grand scale as trying to save humans from all sorts of villains or saving his own hide from a wife that attempts to kill him.

The wisdom and lessons

The Doctor is far from perfect and those who follow the series faithfully will see both the good and bad in him. But it is also his traits that make for some really interesting storylines and has provided plenty of fodder for life lessons worth learning along the way. Many of the stories depict the choices that not only the main character but also his companions have to make.

Fun, engaging, and easy to love

In Doctor Who, there is so much in store for everyone. Humor, wit, and the plot twists are just some of the things that make watching it more fun and engaging. It is not surprising that it has gained a lot of following over the years.